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A.I Generated Music...Fake Nirvana, Eminem, Jay-Z Songs. Is this the end of human value?

Just recently I came across a post talking about a company you had trained Artificial Intelligence to create new music from artists who had passed away. These songs are not made by the original artist, but rather an imitation of what their music might have sounded like if they didn't die. I was instantly repulsed by this thought, but i had to investagte further to see what it was all about, before i passed judgment.

The jury is in and the Verdict is: BOGUS!

What's the problem with A.I being able to perfectly copy artists?

I'm not sure why I would need to explain this, but here it goes.

Imagine if you spent your entire life building a skill, working day and night towards an impossible dream. You've perfected your style, you've build your fanbase, and protected your brand. You finally reach success after what seemed to be unsurmountable challenges on the way up, the walking breathing definition of what a human being can achieve. Only to have some AI bot use your voice, and sound likeness to make a truly offensive song, and completely destroy your career.

Example Check out this updated for 2021 Eminem Song, The lyrics are not rapped by Em, but rather by the AI Bot, impersonating him. Almost to perfection. In just a few short years deepfakes, and Ai music are going to be flooding our screens, and there is little to no protection for our individual & unique human coding.


  1. What will this mean for protecting artists?

  2. Would You support this kind of music?

  3. Where is the "Line" when it comes to AI?

  4. Will this technology be used for evil?

  5. Can you trademark your voice? Likness?

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